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The Hornbill Pacesetters Running Club was set up on 15th July 2013 by a group of like-minded distance running enthusiasts to help runners in Kuching to progress from fun runs (5km) towards Marathon (42.192km) and Ultra-marathon (50km and above).

tHe Spring Live Active Run 2016

Since 2013, the club have progressed a long way with pacing (Live Active Run and CJC’s Momentum Run etc.), marshalling and organizing runs as well.

Pacing for SLAR 2016 Half Marathon

Pacing for Momentum 3.3 2016 20km

Marshalling for Colour Run 5.0 2017

Passionate about running and racing, we strive to spread the love of our sport, sharing of experiences and do group runs, mid-long distance.

Our weekly training calendar includes:
1) Mini LSD runs (8/12km runs)/interval trainings/core training workouts on Tuesdays (at Le’park);
2) Long Slow Distance (LSD) runs of 20-30km on Sundays (at MBKS)

Weekly Training (Core training workout)

With our training program, we have helped several outstanding members to achieve their personal best (PB) running records during events. We have also given the training tools to our members to push themselves even further than the Marathon distances which have helped them to complete road and trail ultra marathons with impressive results.

Apart from that, we also organized hiking activities and run excursions to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Kota Kinabalu, Japan and many more. We believe that a running club that is always encouraging each other to progress further will build better runners. So, come run with us as we Put The Fun in Running.