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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Q: When and where is tHe Spring Live Active Run 2017?

The Spring Live Active Run will be held on Sunday, 9th July 2017 at tHe Spring Shopping Mall’s Premier Carpark.


Q: What are the various race categories & their distances?


Run Category Distance


Q: Is there any age limit for the races?

Yes, the age limits for the different races are listed below:


Races Age limits
Half Marathon Participants must be aged 15 years and above as of 9th July 2017
10KM Run Participants must be aged 12 years and above as of 9th July 2017
5KM Corporate Run Participants must be aged 10 years and above as of 9th July 2017
5km Fun Run Participants must be aged 10 years and above as of 9th July 2017
Kids Run Participants must be aged 09 years and below as of 9th July 2017

The Organizer has the right to verify age of participants before, during and after the race.


Q: What time does each race start?

Start times are as follows:


Races Start times
10 KM FUN 6.00am
5KM FUN RUN 7.00am
KIDS RUN 7.15am


Q: Why do the races start so early?

To avoid running under humid and hot weather conditions, the earlier starts of the races would be an advantage to the participants. Also, to avoid overcrowding along the route and to ensure normal traffic can resume along the marathon route at designated times.


Q: Is there a time limit for finishing the race?

Yes. The cut-off time is as follows:


Races Cut-off times
10 KM FUN 2 hours
5KM FUN RUN 1 hour
KIDS RUN 30 minutes


Q:  What is the current course record of the Half Marathon & the 10km race category?


Half Marathon

Athlete Timing Record Venue Date of Record Nationality
MEN Satoshi Okano 01 : 24 : 25 Kuching 17 June 2012 Japanese
WOMEN Ling Mee Eng 01 : 38 : 56 Kuching 17 June 2012 Malaysian


10km Run

Athlete Timing Record Venue Date of Record Nationality
MEN Frederick Mwingirwa Mathiu 00 : 35 : 47 Kuching 17 June 2012 Malaysian
WOMEN Ho Siew Hua 00 : 50 : 11 Kuching 17 June 2012 Malaysian



Q: How do I register?

Registration and payment for individuals can only be done online here.


Q: How much is the entry fee?

The entry rates are below:

Races 25th Nov 2016 – 31st Mar 2017 01st Apr – 31st May 2017 01th Jun – 09th June 2017
Early Bird Rate Normal Rate Late Rate
Half Marathon RM75 RM85 RM95
Half Marathon Veteran RM70 RM80 RM90
10 km Run RM65 RM75 RM85
10 km Veteran Run RM60 RM70 RM80
5 km Fun Run RM50 RM60 RM70
1 km Kids Dash RM25


Races 25th Nov 2016 – 9th June 2017
5KM Corporate Run RM55


Q: When is the entry deadline?

The last day for registration is 9th June 2017. We will not accept any registrations from 9th July 2017 onwards.


Q: How do I know if my registration has been successful?

You will receive an email confirmation with your registration number, confirmation of payment and a barcode for racepack collection.


Q: What do I do if I’ve registered but I did not receive any confirmation email?

Please email or contact the organizers to find out if your registration has been successfully processed.


Q: Can I enter now and pay later?

No. Your entry will only be processed (subject to quota availability) after full payment of entry fees are made.


Q: Can I get a refund if I decide not to or cannot participate in the event after I’ve registered?

No, the registration fee is strictly non-refundable.


Q: Can I nominate someone else to take my place after I’ve registered?

No, you may not nominate anyone else to take your place or give your race pack to someone else to use.


Q: Can I change my race category after I’ve registered?

No, you may not change categories after you have registered. If you insist to participate in another category, you must re-register.


Q: Can I change any of my particulars after I’ve registered?

Yes, you can make certain changes on our website,



Q: When and where can I pick up my Race Pack?

You can pick up your Race Pack in person or authorize a third party to collect it for you by presenting a copy of your ID card/passport copy.


Date Time Location
7th & 8th July 2017 11:00 am to 10:00pm tHe Spring Shopping Mall
1st Floor North Court (Between Padini & Parkson)


Q: Am I only allowed to collect my Race Pack according to the specific date and time as indicated?

In order to avoid congestion in queuing up for the Race Pack and to ensure a smooth distribution, you are advised to collect your Race Pack according to the specified date and time.


Q: Can you guarantee my t-shirt size?

Yes, SLAR 2017 guarantee all requested event shirt size for Early Birds & Normal Registration. However, we cannot guarantee Late Registration event shirt size.


Q: Can I change my t-shirt size when I collect the racepack?

No, you may not change your t-shirt size during racepack collection.


Q: If I have lost my Race Pack Collection letter, what can I do?

You can bring along your ID card/passport to the enquiry counter. Officials will verify your status and you can collect your Race Pack after verification.

Q: What’s included in the Race Pack?

You should check the following items when you collect your Race Pack:

  • Bib (21KM Half Marathon & Veteran, 10KM Run & Veteran, 5 KM Corporate Run, 5 KM Fun Run & 1 KM Kids Dash);
  • Timing Chip (Only for 21KM Half Marathon, 10KM Run)
  • Event-shirt
  • Race Guide Book


Q: What should I wear to run?

Please put on proper sportswear and running shoes. Remember to put the bib on your chest clearly visible at all times during the race to enable race officials to identify you. Wearing of official event shirt is strongly encouraged.


Q: Do I need to buy my own insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organizer. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately. Participants are also advised to seek medical advice before the race to check their physical condition to ensure that they are fit enough to complete the distance they have entered.


Q: Where can I keep my baggage/belongings?

Baggage handling services are provided on a first come first served basis and while space is available. However the organizers cannot be held liable for any lost or damaged items.


Q: If I forget to bring my bib on the race day, can I enter the starting zone?

No. only the participants issued with Live Active Run 2017 designated bib will be allowed to enter the starting zone by officials.




Q:  Do I need to report to any official for check-in upon my arrival on race day? 

All others should proceed to the waiting zone. You will be guided to the start zone by officials 10 minutes (Half Marathon & Veteran) / 30 minutes (10km & Veteran, 5km Corporate & 5km) before the start time of your race. Only participants with the Live Active Run 2017 bibs will be allowed to enter the starting zone and officials will be authorized to check your entry validity.


Q: Will there be kilometer markings along the course and how often?

Yes. Markings will be provided every 1 km in all races along the route.


Q: Where are Hydration stations?

Please refer here.


Q: What kinds of fluids will be provided along the course?

MOMA drinking water & Isotonic drinks will be provided at the Water Stations along the course and at the finish area.


Q: Where are the First Aid stations?

Medical Assistance will be provided by the Saint John Ambulance.

First Aid stations will be located at the finish area and at half-way points. Ambulances will be stand-by along the routes.


Q: What about Toilet Facilities?

Toilets will be available inside tHe Spring Shopping Mall where the start and finish area is located. Portable toilets are also available along the Half Marathon route only.


Q: Are walkers allowed on the course?

Only officially registered participants are allowed on the course.


Q: What do I do if I cannot complete the race by specific times?

Official buses traveling along the marathon route at regular intervals will pick you up and take you to the Finish Area. You will be assisted to board the bus by officials. Your bib will be marked by official/s when boarding the bus.


Q: What should I do if I need to pull out of the event?

You should go to the nearest water station or alert a Race Marshall, declare your intention to pull out of the race to the officials at the stations and wait for the official bus to take you to the Finish Area.


Q: Where do I go after I cross the Finish Line?

Participants upon crossing the finishing line are required to leave the Finish Area and refreshment collecting area as quickly as possible in order to avoid overcrowding at the Finish Area. Be courteous and make room for other athletes at the finishing line. Meeting point at tHe Spring’s entrance has been designated for the convenience of those participants who would like to meet their relatives and friends after the race.




Q: What race regulations will be applied to the Live Active Run 2017?

IAAF/AIMS technical rules and regulations will be enforced in the Live Active Run 2017.


Q: What happens if I start in the wrong race?

No results and no certificate will be given if you start at any starting time other than the one assigned to you


Q: What will happen if I exchange or transfer my Bib and Timing Chip with/to another?

Bib and Timing Chips are non-transferable once your entry is accepted. Upon discovery of such irregularities, participants concerned will be disqualified and the Organizer reserves the right to reject their applications for any future Live Active Rune events.



Q:  What timing system will be used for the 2015 event?

Chronotrack and provided by Pag Events


Q:  How do I wear the BibTag?

  • The four pins provided in the Race Packs should be used to attach the bib on their chests with the bib number on the front facing outside.
  • Do not fold the BibTag.
  • In case of the bibs or BibTags are put incorrectly or purposely damaged, times might not be detected and thus no results will be provided

Q: Can I get another BibTag on Race Day if I left it at home or lost it?

No. There will be no BibTag timing chips exchanged nor replacements made on race day.

Please be reminded to bring your timing chip on Race Day.


Q: Can I switch BibTags with another participant? 

No. BibTags are individually coded and non-transferable. Please do not switch BibTag, sell or allow another participant to run with your BibTag, as both of you will be disqualified.


Q: Do I need to return my BibTag after the race?

No, you don’t need to return the BibTag after the race.


Q: Can I use the BibTag at the future Live Active Run or other timed events?

No. The BibTag timing chip you are using is unique and can only be used in the Live Active Run 2017 event. BibTags cannot be used in other races.


Q: When and where can I check my result?

You may check your result on seven (7) days after the event.


Q: What should I do if I have doubt about race result?

Should you have any query about your personal results, kindly mail to three days after the race.


Q: What should I do if I have no result or the timing chip did not activate?

You may email or contact the organizers to check. However if for whatever reason your timing chip did not register your time accurately or if all, the organizers cannot give any compensation or consolation to you.


Q: If I run beyond the time limit, what will happen to my result?

According to the race regulations, your result will not be published on the website and no certificate will be issued.


Q: If I registered for the Half Marathon and I decide to run the 10km on race day, can I still get the 10km's Result and Certificate?

 No. You are only allowed to run the race assigned by the Organizer. If you run the wrong race, you will neither get results nor the certificate and you will be disqualified.


Q: What is the difference between Official Time (Gun Time) and Chip Time (Net Time)?

Official Time (Gun Time): The time from the sound of the starter's signal to the time when you cross the finish line.

Chip Time (Net Time): The time from when you cross the starting mats at the start line, to the time when you cross the finishing mats at the Finish. Chip time is for personal reference only.


Q: When will the E-Certificates of Achievement be ready for download?

They will be ready to download on seven (7) days after the event.



Q:  Are prizes presented according to Official ("Gun") or Net Time? 

All awards will be presented according to Gun Times and this is in accordance with the IAAF rules for Marathons. Net times are for personal information.


Q: What divisions of the Live Active Run 2017 will receive awards?

Please refer to the Prize List


Q: Where and when will the Prize Presentation Ceremony be conducted?

The Prize Presentation Ceremony (trophies) will commence at the Finish area (tHe Spring Premier Car Park) roughly 30 mins after the top winners have crossed the finish line. 


Q: Where and when do the prize winners report to the officials?

Winners are requested to report to the officials 20 minutes before the presentation at the Winners Booth located at the Finish (tHe Spring Premier Car Park). If winners failed to attend the presentation ceremony on time, the Organizer will arrange an official to stand in for the winner on the winner's platform and receive the prize on behalf of the winner without seeking further notice.


Q: If I dispute and appeal regarding the results on race day, what should I do?

Disputes and Appeals must be made at the Finish within 30 minutes of the published results on the results board on-site or immediately after the prize presentation, whichever is earlier.

For all other participants, disputes and appeals regarding the results must be submitted in writing within 3 days after the result is launched on the official website. The organizer reserves the right not to entertain any dispute or appeal after.



Q:  Can my friends run with me? 

Only those who are officially registered and issued with race numbers & bib tags can take part in the race. All others will be asked to leave the course by marshals.


Q:  Are there any safety concerns with the participants running along cars on the roads?

Only certain sections of the route will be closed to traffic, therefore it is advised that participants be very aware of their surroundings at all times and to give way to vehicles when necessary. With the help of RELA, different sections of roads will be closed for a specified period of time to allow participants to pass through in safe conditions. Ambulances and official cars will be running along the Emergency Vehicles Access (EVA).

To ensure the emergency vehicles can reach the accident locations without any delay, participants are advised not to run along the EVA during the race and follow the instructions given by the race officials.

The government authorities have the right to close the route, stop the race and / or change of the route in case of emergency.


Q:  Is there any public viewing area for spectators / supporters?

The public can cheer / wait for the runners along the tHe Spring’s Premier Car Park and along Jalan Simpang Tiga just before tHe Spring. The shopping mall will be opened at its usual time of 10am.